Jeanine Botwe, the founder and CEO of Seating, has established a formidable reputation across multiple sectors. She's an Emory University and Fordham University School of Law graduate whose career encompasses roles as diverse as attorney,  and speaker, 

Jeanine's proactive approach to her career has led to creating opportunities and establishing enduring connections with professionals and executives at leading organizations such as Complex Media, Sesame Workshop, ViacomCBS, Fordham University, NBC Universal, and more. These connections testify to her belief that professional relationships are fundamentally built on human connection.

As a speaker and motivator, Jeanine captivates audiences by sharing practical insights from her career. She empowers listeners to confidently step out of their comfort zones, leverage their expertise, and develop essential professional networks. Her talks focus on the importance of intentional self-investment and effective networking as cornerstones of an impactful personal brand.

Today, Jeanine utilizes her life experiences to assist young professionals in overcoming professional hurdles. She is passionate about providing pragmatic solutions to the challenges they face, using her personal experiences as a tool for both teaching and motivating.



Seating is a social enterprise with a clear goal: to equip young professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the corporate landscape. We understand that navigating the corporate culture can be difficult. That’s why we aim to provide a roadmap for career advancement that eliminates the guesswork.

Our primary focus is to guide our students toward life-changing opportunities that can jumpstart their careers. Recognizing the importance of thinking outside the box, we encourage our students to broaden their horizons and consider careers in the media and entertainment industries.

Our approach is grounded in the practices adopted by our founder, Jeanine Botwe. Inspired by her unconventional career path and her ability to secure influential positions in a variety of sectors, we aim to give our students the confidence and strategies necessary to carve their own paths and secure their own 'seats' in their chosen fields. At Seating, we don't just prepare students for their careers. We prepare them for success.


The Students had much positive feedback about their time spent with you. we all truly appreciate your dedication to providing mentorship to future practitioners  as well as students interested in entertainment, arts and sports law,


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